Kantor Jasa Akuntan Langgeng has an infrastructure to support accounting service provided to the clients, namely www.fero.co.id, a web-based accounting software.
This software is designed to answer the needs of financial reporting with the speed and wide scope of data. For this reason, Feroza Ranti created a web-based accounting software to accelerate financial information processing and be more effective in financial reporting. This process is carried out using an online data input system. It can be used to report at real time and can be used by Top Management without having to wait for from manager & staff.
With this web-based accounting software, the Client can quickly interact with KJA Langgeng Team. Without having to wait for the report to be sent and or printed, the KJA Langgeng’s client and team only need to log in to the fero.co.id system to be able to see the updated Financial Report.
With web based reporting system, the benefits obtained are automatically paperless, saving time, eliminating downloading reports & storing reports for both superiors and subordinates.
Can www.fero.co.id only be used for KJA Langgeng’s clients? The answer is “Not Necessarily”, for non KJA Langgeng’s clients can use this software. Please kindly follow the procedures on www.fero.co.id

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